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The Top 16 Jobs Teens Can Do From Home in 2024


Continue reading if you’re trying to find your adolescent a remote job! We have a long list of at-home income opportunities for your adolescent.

My first job seems like it was yesterday. I used to distribute a weekly community newspaper to around 100 homes in my neighborhood every Tuesday after school. At the tender age of 10, that was the only job I knew how to earn extra cash, thus I despised it.

I delivered those papers in the rain, snow, and sunshine for a pitiful $4.05 a week (I was raised in Minnesota). I worked at this position for almost two years before giving it to my sister, who subsequently gave it to a young neighbor. After that, I did a range of odd jobs, such as housecleaning, ironing clothing, babysitting, and garage sale sales, until I was old enough to apply for a “real job” at Dairy Queen.

Teenagers Working Remote and Labor Laws

The employment alternatives available to young teens nowadays are very different.

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) governs minimum age restrictions, hours worked, and salaries in the US. Young teenagers also have fewer traditional possibilities for making additional money because of changes in parental styles and demanding schoolwork schedules.

It’s not all terrible news, either.

With the advancement of technology, children can now earn additional money in a variety of inventive ways, particularly if they have an entrepreneurial spirit. A laptop, an internet connection, and some free time are all they need to begin going.

16 Online Jobs and Side Projects for Young Teens

These are some of the top side project ideas and work from home jobs for teenagers, in case your adolescent is seeking a job that allows them to work from home.

1. The Haul

Is your adolescent socially adept, sophisticated, and at ease over the phone? If so, U-Haul may hire them as a customer service agent. Teens aged 16 and above are eligible to apply for this part-time work, which pays $14 an hour with the possibility of earning $17–$20. A phone, a headset, and a computer with fast internet access are needed for this customer service position. To complete the task, you’ll also need a quiet area and ideally some prior experience. Check out our comprehensive analysis of remote jobs at U-Haul.

2. Quidco

With Swagbucks, young kids (13 years of age and up) can earn money online. To begin engaging in activities like taking surveys, viewing videos, playing video games, and testing websites, all your kid needs to do is create an account. Your teen will receive SB (Swagbucks) for each assignment they accomplish. These SBs can be exchanged for PayPal cash or gift cards to popular stores like Apple, Walmart, and Amazon.

3. Watching Over Pets

Young teens can provide their pet watching and dog walking services to friends, relatives, and neighbors, even if they are not allowed to use smartphone apps like Wag! or Rover (you have to be 18 to use those). For years, my daughter has been watching their pets. By making straightforward flyers or business cards and handing them out to neighbors or posting them online in different neighborhood groups, teens can swiftly get the word out.

4. Surveys with Brands

Teens between the ages of 16 and 17 can earn money by taking online surveys using Branded Surveys (with parental consent); if not, you must be 18 to access the platform. Create an account, complete a few quick questions to confirm your demographics, then complete surveys to get started. You will receive points for completing each survey, which may be exchanged for cash using PayPal or Branded Pay or gift cards from well-known merchants. US, Canadian, and UK youths are welcome to participate in Branded Surveys.

5. Fiverr

What talent does your teen have? Do they have talent for creating videos? Data input? Creating content for blogs? creating graphics or logos? Young teenagers can use their existing skills to earn $5–$10,000 on Fiverr. They are capable of doing voiceover work, creating visuals for websites, and even handling social media accounts. There are no limits! To register as a seller, you have to be at least 13 years old.

6. Astute Survey

SurveySavvy provides kids who enjoy filling out surveys on a range of topics with the chance to provide feedback and thoughts on a wide range of goods and experiences. Teens can earn $5 just for registering, and they can earn more by referring friends and registering more devices. To utilize the site, participants must be 13 years of age or older.

7. Start a Blog

Teens who are artistic, tech-savvy, and who love writing and photography may want to consider blogging as a means of earning money online. Teens can use blogging as a terrific way to express themselves creatively and to improve their writing and computing abilities, since it gives them the freedom to generate whatever kind of content they want. It’s not hard or expensive to start a blog, and once it’s profitable, teens may use blogging as a great method to develop their writing abilities and earn extra money for their future interests.

When Eva Baker was sixteen years old, she launched her blog, TeensGotCents. In the future, she employs a group of young adults and recent graduates to create content for her lucrative website.

8. Launch a Channel on YouTube

If your adolescent has fun creating and editing videos, launching a YouTube channel could be the ideal remote employment! Even though it takes time to grow a following and make a living off of YouTube, teenagers with an account can sign up for Google AdSense and begin making money from their videos with the consent of their parents. Participants on YouTube must be at least 13 years old (and, for a Google AdSense account, 18 years old). There are other ways to monetise your account on YouTube, including the Shorts Creator Fund for content creators.

Makenna Kelly, who launched her channel at the age of 13, is one young person who has achieved success as a YouTuber. On her channel, Life with MaK, she has 1.59 million subscribers, and according to reports, she makes an incredible $1,000 a day from advertising.

9. Assist with Thinking Well

The young entrepreneurs program of Think Goodness, a direct sales organization that offers products like Origami Owl, Willing Beauty, CMYK, and Intuitive Wellness, is open to anyone between the ages of 11 and 17. Adolescents must enroll with an accompanying adult. The idea behind Think Goodness’s founding was to enable mother-daughter teams to use the direct-sales approach to market.

10. The Receipt Hog

Anyone over 13 can download the Receipt Hog smartphone app (under 18 need parental permission). You take a picture of your receipt every time you visit the store once it has been downloaded. Buying specific products may entitle you to cashback and rebates in addition to the chance to win extra money by taking part in surveys and competitions. You can join and receive a bonus by using my referral code, jen59328.

11. Ibotta

An software on smartphones called Ibotta gives customers rewards for both online and in-store purchases. To begin, download the app, then look through the products you plan to buy before heading shopping (mostly to big-box retailers and supermarket stores). Click on the item you plan to purchase to add it to your list. Next, scan the bar code and receipt to confirm the transaction. You can get more rewards by introducing friends to the application. To redeem your winnings, you need to have a minimum balance of $20 in your account. Adolescents must be 13 years old in order to access the app.

12. Springtime

Your adolescent can use Spring to create and sell T-shirts online for money if they have creative skills. Teens may use the platform for free, and after they’ve built their items, they can utilize social media to promote them. Every thing they sell will bring in a predetermined sum of money. Payments are made using Payoneer or PayPal. Teens 13 years old and older can use Teespring, but if they are under 18, they need parental consent.

13. Participate in Giveaways

Online giveaway platforms such as Facebook Giveaway Group, Sweeties Sweeps, and Infinite Sweeps offer a plethora of earning opportunities. (Note that if a user is under 18, most websites require parental consent.) I gave this a go, but I wasn’t too successful. On the other hand, a large number of commenters on my post claimed to have won respectable sums of money and prizes. If this piques your interest, you can get suggestions on how to enter giveaways and win cash and prizes by reading this post.

14. Use Etsy to Sell Crafts

Consider opening a store on Etsy if you’re the artistic sort and appreciate creating homemade goods like jewelry, bow ties, slime, digital printables, and a million other things. Etsy’s minor policy is that minors under the age of eighteen who want to sell on the platform must have a parent or guardian manage their account and are not allowed to use the community function.

LeiLei Secor is one young adolescent who achieved success on the site. At the age of sixteen, she began selling her handcrafted jewelry on Etsy. In three years, she made $100,000, which she is currently using to pay for college.

15. Finish All Household Tasks

Check out Care.com if you don’t mind leaving the house to perform household tasks like vacuuming, laundry, and dishwashing. Teens between the ages of 16 and 17 can help others with housework and create a parent-monitored account, according to this thread. Professionals using other websites, such as TaskRabbit and Handy, must be at least eighteen years old. You might locate some clients who will pay you to clean their homes by making some cheap business cards or advertising your services online on platforms like Facebook or Instagram.

16. Watching children

Your teen may be able to get money by babysitting if they enjoy spending time with children. While your kid can watch friends, family, and neighbors, there are a few apps that young teens can use (with permission from parents, of course). Teens who are 13 to 17 years old can sign up for Bambino when their parent becomes a Consenting Parent User. Teens (16–17 years old) can open a parental monitored account on Care.com. The minimum age requirement for sitters on other platforms, such as Nanno and Sittercity, is eighteen.

Last Words on Teens and Remote Employment

If you’re interested in a career, get in touch with the employer and inquire about their hiring practices for young teens, as many organizations do not specify the minimum age for employment on their websites. Additionally, consider interacting with people in your immediate vicinity if you’re an expert in a particular field or possess a skill like graphic design or digital marketing. You’d be shocked at how many individuals are willing to pay you for your abilities and assistance. Here is a list of businesses that will hire 14 and 15-year-olds if you are willing to drive your young teen to work and pick them up.

These are the top internet jobs for young teens, then! Are there any other methods that teenagers can earn money, in your opinion? Please leave a comment below with the type of work your young teen is performing from home.



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