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Studypool Review: How Studypool Tutors Can Earn Money


Do you want to answer online homework problems for money? Studypool is the ideal place to get started if you want to earn money tutoring students online. It’s a terrific way to offer your academic expertise and get paid for it. This is a brief tutorial to becoming a Studypool tutor, where you may work from home and earn excellent money tutoring students.


Studypool: What is it? 

An on-demand learning resource called Studypool links students with qualified tutors who can assist them. In essence, instructors like you can respond to questions posted by students seeking assistance with their schoolwork! You can earn money as a Studypool tutor by placing bids on and responding to questions that students submit.

Using Studypool to Begin Your Online Tutoring Career

It does take some time to sign up to become a paid Studypool tutor. Usually, creating your profile goes something like this:

  • Check the email you received.
  • Accept the conditions as stated.
  • Finish the application procedure; it should take between thirty and sixty minutes.

Studypool verifies that all tutors applying are eligible to work on the platform by screening their applications. In addition to the application, three short-answer questions will be asked of you in order to gauge your proficiency in the subject matter of the application.

Although you don’t need teaching experience to work as an online tutor for Studypool, you must be enrolled in college full-time or hold a college degree in order to be eligible to tutor students and assist with their assignments.

Studypool provides its pupils with coverage in the following subjects:

  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Accounting
  • biological
  • Design and Art
  • Calculus
  • Finance & Business
  • Composing
  • Mentality

There are a ton of other content sections, too! A reliable internet connection and a laptop or desktop computer are the only other requirements for beginning teaching.

Methods for Earning Money on Studypool 

There are two methods available on the Studypool website for earning money:

  • Produce and market written materials.
  • Students can bid on homework questions and receive tutoring.

To optimize your earnings on the site, I advise attempting both of these tasks, even though they differ in terms of the amount of labor required and the potential earnings.

As an aside, Teachers Pay Teachers is another option to consider if you’re a teacher or educator looking to monetize outdated lesson plans or educational worksheets. This could allow you to earn extra cash.

Creating and Offering Documents at Studypool to Earn Money Online

Selling papers at Studypool is a terrific method to increase your passive income if you have old notes, study materials, quizzes, and the like. Selling resources on StudyPool does not require you to go through the application process either. The procedure is really straightforward and operates as follows:

  • Upload excellent, pertinent study materials, homework assignments, class notes, and study guides straight onto the Studypool site.
  • Studypool checks the material for accuracy and suitability. The approval process for content on their system usually takes 48 hours.
  • Once your documents are authorized, students can see them.
  • Every time someone views your resource, you get $10. You can receive payment from us using PayPal or Western Union, among other cash payment methods.

Putting in a bid on questions from the students 

Making money fast with the Studypool online question forum is an additional option. This is how it operates:

  • Upon completing an application on Studypool, you can obtain verification as a tutor.
  • Following verification, you’ll get access to a database of queries that students submit on the website.
  • Place a bid on the topics that catch your attention. Give the student a delivery time and a cost. The student will pay you in advance if they accept. Your payment is held by Studypool until the question is answered.
  • When dealing with a student, you will have to explain things to them and assist them in finding the answer in the allotted amount of time.
  • Payment is provided to you after the student approves the response that has been submitted.

Responding to students’ precise inquiries within the time range they specify is one of the finest strategies to guarantee that you will receive positive feedback from them.

How Are Payments Made by Studypool?

Studypool offers multiple methods for you to get cash. Western Union, PayPal, and Transferwise are a few of the most often used payment methods.

Studypool will handle your payment within three business days of the tutoring session ending. To take money out of your Studypool account, you must have at least $50.

What is the potential income for an online tutor?

Tutors can earn a lot of money with Studypool. Top earners at Studypool make $7,500 a month, according to its website. That’s excellent for both online document posting and tutoring!

According to salary listings on websites like Indeed and Glassdoor, instructors make an average of more than $2,000 per month. Naturally, these figures will change based on your desired rate of pay and the amount of questions you answer.

Gaining reputation via positive student reviews and high ratings, along with recurring business, is essential to becoming a successful Studypool educator. You have a better chance of earning more money on the site the more bids that are accepted.

A charge of 15%–30% is retained by Studypool for each question you respond to. But generally speaking, the commission cost you pay will decrease the more active you are as a tutor on the platform. Tutors on Studypool who respond to more than 100 questions typically receive a reduced revenue rate.

This reduced commission will also be beneficial to returning customers. You’ll be chosen to assist students more frequently as you build relationships with them.

Which Seasons Make the Best Studypool Tutors?

When wanting to generate money as an online tutor, it’s best to take seasonality into account due to the nature of the platform. Either way, the busiest periods to be an online tutor are usually when classes are in session.

The following is a brief reference guide that lists the ideal times to use this platform:

  • Busy from February until June
  • Summertime: Less hectic
  • Busy from September till mid-December
  • Extremely quiet from mid-December to mid-January

Because there is greater activity on the platform during the busiest months, this is the ideal opportunity to assist students and respond to their queries.

To preserve the money you would make in the busier months, you could wish to place greater bids during the sluggish months.

The slower months are also a great time to establish rapport with students and forge bonds that will fortify your account and boost sales.


Advantages of Working as a Studypool Tutor

Using Studypool to generate income as an online tutor has several advantages! Here are a handful that we adore wholeheartedly:

  • Simple to use: Studypool automatically sets you up with students.
  • Flexibility: You are able to work whenever your schedule permits. One more option available to you is full-time employment.
  • Tax Benefits: Studypool treats you as an independent contractor even if you work as a tutor full-time. There are specific tax deductions that you may be qualified for as an independent contractor. Make sure you comprehend all of your tax responsibilities as an independent contractor.
  • Protection on the platform: Studypool takes great satisfaction in making sure that teachers are shielded from con artists and students attempting to obtain information for nothing. Before receiving assistance, students must pay tutors; nonetheless, there have been instances where students have attempted to claim that the response they were given was ineffective. The moderators look into these situations to make sure you’re compensated and protected.

Studypool Tutoring Alternatives

These are some additional online tutoring sites to consider if there aren’t enough questions in your academic area to earn the required income.

Hero of the Course

Through the website Course Hero, you may earn up to $1,500 a month simply responding to online quizzes. As long as you have access to a computer and the internet, you can work whenever you choose in these independent contracting positions. A large range of courses in the fields of business, engineering, technology, humanities, math, physics, and social sciences are available on Course Hero. You must upload your ID and validate your educational qualifications in order to start receiving online coaching from Course Hero. Check out this in-depth analysis from Real Ways to Earn for additional details.


Study.com offers tutoring services as an additional option to Studypool. Professionals in a wide range of fields accomplish projects in research and copywriting, lesson writing and curriculum design, Q&A homework help, and reviewing and editing on this site. The requirements for each assignment vary, but you always need to be able to show proof of your knowledge. You can set your own hours and Study.com employs independent workers from the US and the Philippines.

Summary of Studypool Tutor Review

Among the many benefits of working as a Studypool instructor are scheduling freedom, excellent compensation, and the opportunity to assist others with their academic inquiries. Starting with Studypool is a terrific way to get your online tutoring career started if you enjoy working with students.

Once you’re established there, you can promote your tutoring services locally or add more online tutoring platforms to your list. It’s a perfect moment to start tutoring students online and earn money from home because the need for tutors is growing.

Positive evaluations of Studypool may be found on Indeed (5 stars out of 5) and Glassdoor (4 stars out of 5). Nevertheless, it only receives a 2.79-star rating on Sitejabber and a 3.76-star rating on the Better Business Bureau. Studypool tutors had complained in certain cases, while paying clients had complained in others. Make sure you conduct your own research before deciding that tutoring for Studypool is the ideal side gig for you.



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