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11 Realistic Ways to Get Paid to Listen to Music Online


Do you want to listen to music for money? Just listening to your favorite music while on the go can earn you money! Let’s talk about generating passive money!

Music has the power to uplift your emotions and get you moving, whether you want to turn up the volume on bright, sunny days or you like to run to some inspirational tunes.

It’s a win-win situation when you factor in the fact that several sites now pay you to listen to music!

If you enjoy listening to music, keep reading to find out how you might get compensated for tuning in each day!

Here are the top 11 methods for making additional money just by listening to music!


How Much Money Can I Make From Music Listening?

How frequently you check in, listen, and—in certain situations—write evaluations will determine how much money you can make from listening to music.

You only need to listen to music and rate the songs on some of the websites below. Some tasks include writing an extensive review, watching a music video, or transcribing lyrics to songs.

You can earn $100 to $200 a month on average just by rating songs and listening to music!

A fantastic method to increase your earnings is to register on multiple platforms mentioned below.

1. Mobile Mode

Playing your favorite songs on this music app might earn you more than $1,200 year!

In addition to being paid to listen to music, you can also choose to complete surveys and hit milestones in in-app games to accrue extra points that can be exchanged for cash. It doesn’t get any simpler than that to make money.

2. Fountain 

You can get compensated for listening to podcasts with Fountain! After listening to a podcast for the first hour, listeners can receive different sums of Bitcoin. Additionally, you may earn money by encouraging friends to use the platform and by receiving likes on the podcast snippets and comments you share. Each day and every time you use the app, your earning rate varies. Both iOS and Android smartphones can download the Fountain app. To take your earnings out of your lightning wallet, you will need one.

The Apple App Store gives the mobile app a 3.6-star rating; nevertheless, some users have reported issues with the program’s functionality. This app has a 3.8-star rating on Google Play; once more, people have complained about the app’s glitches. Make sure you check reviews before deciding whether or not to download this app to your phone.

3. Cutthepie

One of the biggest and most well-known websites for music reviews is Slicethepie, where users may earn money while enjoying music.

Even while the profits are minimal—roughly $0.02 for each song—they might mount up if you listen in while engaging in other activities!

Just sign up, put on some music, and compose a review.

In addition to providing a user-friendly and easily navigable site with steady earnings potential, Slicethepie offers enjoyable options for earning money other from music reviews. In addition, you can be compensated for rating several categories, including but not limited to fashion and mobile accessories.

To cash out, you need to have at least $10 in your account. Instant payments are made to your PayPal account. On Trustpilot, Slicethepie has a 3.6-star rating.

4. Playlist Invoke

Upon becoming a “curator” on Playlist Push, you can listen to new music and get a respectable living. Although earnings per song on this site have been estimated to reach $12, reviews typically start at about $1.

You and other music enthusiasts can make money off of your playlists using this website. Playlist makers are paid by singers, music producers, and artists to hear their songs on this website.

You must have a minimum number of followers on your Apple Music or Spotify playlist in order to be eligible for more. While you’re building your profile, make sure to review the requirements. On Trustpilot, Playlist Push has a 4.4-star rating.

5. Localize

This is the perfect side gig for you if you enjoy typing and listening to music from Welocalize!

Members of the transcription service Welocalize get paid to listen to music and write down the lyrics.

Check out the Freelance Projects section after registering for a free account to see if there are any openings for music transcription. After creating an account, you will begin to receive tracks for transcription.

Like any transcribing job, this one will pay well, so your ability to type swiftly and properly is a must.

Welocalize reimburses transcribers for roughly $4 each song. You must set up an ACH and wire transfer in order to be paid. For this work, you must also be an American citizen by permanent means.

These kinds of transcription assignments might not always be available due to their popularity. Joining their email list is the best course of action. While you’re there, have a look at their other job posts for transcription if you enjoy typing! Welocalize’s Better Business Bureau rating is an A+.

6. The Nielsen App

Continue reading if you think it would be a terrific way to get paid to listen to your own music!

Nielsen is a business that is mostly focused on market research. In essence, they pay people to complete particular activities, and then they sell the results to various businesses, like record labels. Music producers need to stay ahead of the curve, and this is where organizations like Nielsen come in.

Naturally, as things change all the time, do your homework on any organization before moving further.

Neilson pays you to open and listen to your own playlists after you install the app. This app is available on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. Overall, the app receives positive ratings (3.9 stars out of 5) on the Apple App Store.

7. Focus groups that are paid for

Focus groups are an excellent means of connecting with organizations that are looking for people to share their thoughts on a range of subjects, including music. Holly actually took part in a focus group for a radio station while she was in college, where she was asked to rate music excerpts. She received a $100 cash award following the session!

Focus groups are utilized by firms to gather consumer feedback and test items before to their release to the general public. They also serve as a source of market research for upcoming products, services, and even music. This is your opportunity.

You can make anywhere from $25 to $100, depending on the firm you join and the group you work with.

Focus groups might convene over the phone, online, or in person. Make sure you carefully review the requirements for each focus group before committing.

The several ways you can earn money are an additional advantage of focus group participation, in addition to the higher payments. Focus groups ask you questions on sports, fashion, social issues, money, and other topics in addition to listening to music.

While some websites only offer basic online questionnaires, others need interviews. You can also benefit from other kinds of focus groups.

8. Profitably

Earnably is mostly a survey website, however one of the various ways users may make money on the platform is by watching recently released music videos.

You can get points for each music video you watch, which can be redeemed for cash or gift cards. Earnably is not just one of the highest-paying platforms; it also provides a variety of tasks that let you generate extra revenue.

Members can earn points by completing occasional surveys or viewing sponsored advertisements, which will enable them to convert into cash even more quickly.

9. Work as an Internet DJ

If you enjoy creating playlists with various musical genres and are a music enthusiast, maybe you should pursue a career as an online DJ. You can live stream, build a loyal following of viewers, and make money through tips and channel subscriptions with Mixcloud Pro. The good thing about MixCloud is that they handle copyright issues on your behalf. With ratings of 4.7 stars for Android and 4.8 stars for Apple devices, Mixcloud is accessible on both platforms.

Creating a YouTube channel is another method you may use your DJing abilities to make money online. You have the ability to record yourself performing evaluations, providing instructions, or even mixing music. In order to ensure that you are not violating an artist’s copyrighted music, you must investigate licensing rights while using this technique. You can start making money with YouTube advertisements if you get 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 view hours in a year. In addition, you have the option to promote affiliate goods and brand sponsorships in exchange for tips and revenue.

10. Launch a blog for music

You can establish a music blog if writing is more your style. There are countless subjects you can write about and methods you can monetize your blog. Reviews of albums and live performances, as well as sections on news, interviews, fashion, events, up-and-coming musicians, and music equipment! One of the advantages of blogging is that it may be your full-time career or just a side gig.

Choose a domain name, a topic, and a platform for your blog (WordPress is the industry standard for bloggers) to get started. After laying the foundation, you can write your content and use email marketing, social media, and SEO to promote it online. Next, select several revenue streams, including sponsored content, affiliate marketing, merchandising, and utilizing an ad network.

Check out this post on how to become a successful blogger quickly if you’re ready to start blogging.

11. Inconvenient Ways to Get Paid to Hear Music

Of course, you can make money in other unofficial ways while enjoying your preferred streaming services or online radio stations. With businesses like Swagbucks, InboxDollars, and Appen, you may complete quick tasks or surveys. Even if you won’t be able to support yourself full-time using these strategies, you’ll still have enough money each month to cover your Spotify subscription or buy some new records for your collection.

Participating in the ridesharing or gig economy is an additional method to earn money while enjoying music. You can enjoy music while transporting individuals, bringing meals, or even taking walks with your dogs. Instacart, DoohDash, HopSkipDrive, Rover, TaskRabbit, and Instacart are just a few of the apps that allow you to earn money while working and enjoy music.

Finally, the Work With Artists program allows you to earn money if you enjoy making content for TikTok. Through this program, various bands and musicians get paid by the producers for using their songs in their recorded works. Although each program has its own rules, you can receive monetary prizes if your video meets specific milestones. This is an entertaining method to discover new musicians, enjoy music, and be paid!

The benefit of these solutions is that you can do activities with just a smartphone, an internet connection, and some free time.

Wrap Up: Earn Money Listening to Music

Being compensated for listening to music is one of those side gigs you can keep doing. Contributing your thoughts to the music industry can aid in the career development of upcoming musicians in addition to being a fantastic way to kill time and earn money.

Your input can influence the next wave of music to be played on the radio, influencing anything from independent musicians to music producers, radio shows, and more. Even though listening to your favorite music will probably not be your main source of revenue, it will undoubtedly result in some additional income that you can use to buy things that you might not otherwise be able to.

Do you have any inquiries? Which of these websites have you tried? Please leave a comment below or let us know what’s on your mind!


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